Community Care Fund

United Way partners with 20 partner agencies who focus on income, education and health needs here in the Tanana Valley. 1 in 4 people in our community receive services from these agencies, and United Way is here to help.
Whether that is providing funds for mentoring programs, or to help keep the lights on and building warm during those winter months, United Way supports the work of these nonprofit agencies.
Every two years, a group comprised of at least ten individuals including Board Members and Community Members meet to determine the amount of funds that will be allocated to each of our partner agencies. Allocation scores are based on a variety of metrics, including the need and impact of each service. Their scores determine the percentage of funds they will be allocated for the next two years.
Because our community is evolving and constantly changing, that means the need in our community changes as well. The Community Care Fund allows for funding to be flexible and address the highest needs of our community.

Partner Agencies who benefit from
the Community Care Fund